Probiotics explained

Beneficial bacteria explainedNeed information about beneficial bacteria explained in detail? Choose one of the articles below:

What are probiotics?

  • This article provides a general description of probiotics and their benefits

Probiotic Trials

  • This link will bring you to our lists of clinical trials
  • The clinical trials are divided by diseases, list the probiotics used and the general outcome of the trial

Probiotics: Safety

  • This article looks at possible probiotic side-effects

Gut Immunology

  • For those that need more scientific information about why probiotics work, the gut immunology page is for you!

DIY Probiotics

  • This page offers tips and links to help you grow your own probiotics in the form of yogurt


  • Prebiotics are types of food that help bacteria flourish in your intestines—go to this page to learn more about them

About Bacteria

  • Visit this article to learn more about bacteria in general

Beneficial Bacteria of the Nitrogen Cycle in Aquariums Explained

  • This article explains how beneficial bacteria in aquariums control the water quality