Probiotics for Constipation

Please note that each trial is not described in detail. In some trials, drugs, prebiotics and/or additional nutrients were provided that may help the beneficial bacteria be more effective. Also the setting, procedure, and dose for each trial are rarely similar. For more details, search for the reference in Google to find the original publication. The simplest way is to copy and paste the title.

Are there constipation probiotics that work? In trials, individuals that suffer from chronic constipation are usually treated daily with probiotics for several months. The changes in stool frequency and transit are noted. Comparisons are made between groups given placebos, and the symptoms after treatment are compared to the symptom severity before treatment was started.

Probiotic SupplementsImprovements Seen in TrialReferences
L. rhamnosus
P. freudenreichii
Some improvement1
L. casei ShirotaImprovement2
L. reuteriNo improvement1

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.


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