About Mary E. Morgan

Mary E. MorganDr. Mary E. Morgan created the The Beneficial Bacteria Site because of her great interest in the relationship between the gut and bacteria.

Dr. Mary E. Morgan started her career as an immunologist. After moving to the Netherlands in 1999, she pursued a PhD. at Leiden University Medical Center. Her PhD. project was on T cells and rheumatoid arthritis.

When she finished her thesis, she worked for eight years as a research scientist. Her first position was at the Tumor Immunology Laboratory in Nijmegen, where she researched cancer. When she completed this project, she left science temporarily to start a long time dream: hiking the Appalachian Trail. After completing the trail six months later, she started a second research position at the Department of Pharmacology located in Utrecht University. While there, she examined the role of bacteria in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). After working in Utrecht for five years, she decided to try her hand at medical writing.

Currently, she lives in the United Kingdom with her husband and works as a medical writer. In her spare time, she also runs The Beneficial Bacteria Site and the scientific blog, The IBD Immunologist.